Auspicious Friday?

Happy Friday Glitter Graphics080808.

Like, I'm going to miss posting an entry on this auspicious day. I am even wearing a red blouse today, although that happened unconsciously on my part.

But would it still be auspicious if it falls on an inauspicious time of the year? The Hungry Ghosts Festival.

Growing up, I remembered going to see the Chinese Opera nearby my aunt's home in Port Dickson, lighting and playing with the colourful lanterns. Is it any wonder that I appear to be more Chinese than my Chinese friends? Heh.

Still, today is a happy day because it is the end of the work week. Time to put my feet up and let my hair down, so to speak. To hang out with my BFF -- shopping, dinner & drinks and a movie. Our Friday rituals are so cathartic for me. Something I look forward to every week nowadays ;-)

Today, we'll be watching The Mummy 3. Could this movie be as bad or worse compared to The X-Files: I Want To Believe? I'll let you know tomorrow. Lol.

Now, I wanna talk about Breaking Dawn. It may contain spoilers, so if you do not want to know more than you need to know, you've been warned :p

I finished reading Breaking Dawn on Wednesday, by the way. It took me more or less 48 hours from start to finish. The book wasn't as bad as how some make it out to be. It's not the best, but it is still a good read.

Maybe it is because I don't have any preconceived theory or notions as to how the story should end. I've learnt my lesson with the Harry Potter saga, thank you very much.

Hence, before this last book came out, I avoid reading any fanfiction based on the Twilight series. I jumped into the book with a clear head and no expectation. Therefore, I enjoyed my experience. I don't think Stephenie Meyer sucks. Lol. She's no Jane Austen, but she does write a compelling story.

I am still in love with Edward Cullen (seriously, he's not that much different than any of my favourite Alpha males from other books). I think Jacob Black is cool and I think he redeemed himself well in this book. Alice Cullen is still awesome. Emmet Cullen still lovable.

But I don't quite like Rosalie in this book. She's more selfish than ever! And for Bella to consort with her just so the others will not stop her from having the baby? (Note: Yes, in this series, vampire can spawn, people! Lolz) I think that was a rather selfish move on Bella's part, too.

And what's with naming the baby Renesmee? As in a combination of her mother's and Edward's so-called mother's name, Renée and Esme respectively. That was soooooooo immature of Bella to make up such a name. Geez Bella, you don't even like your simple name Isabella but you named your child with what? *roll eyes*

Couldn't SM come out with something more original? If it was a boy, she wants to name him Edward Jacob. Bella? Fo' realz? Sigh.

I see why some say Bella irked them so much. In this book, she started to irk me, too. Haha. Her character became better once she turned into a vampire though. More snarky, less whiny.

My only wish is that Stephenie could have include an epilogue at the end. It would tie up the series with more finesse, I bet. Something about 'a hundred years later', maybe.

I'm done with reading at the moment. My brain felt like as if it has expanded. I've not stopped reading since... I can't remember, actually. Oops!

It started with my quest to reread and start collecting the In Death books. That happened after I've completed reading these. And from one In Death book to another, I've been reading them non-stop. That's 24 books in a span of 2-3 days per book for you.

I'm giving myself a week off before I start reading again. Hehe. Brain needs to relax sometime, no?